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The World of Plastic Surgeon – Some Words To Add To Your Surgery Vocabulary

You may have came across horror stories on botched plastic surgery procedures, and there are many movies and documentary on this subject as well. Horror movie such as the Korean Cinderella may put some people off plastic surgeries.

Encountering something new is an experience all individuals have, at some stage of their lives. You could be stepping into the world of plastic surgery, and the terms associated with the various procedures are not familiar to you. Do not be alarmed by this, you just need to learn about them, in preparation for your discussions with a registered Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, during your consultations. Below some of them are explained, the first being the term cookie-cutter plastic surgery.


The term cookie-cutter plastic surgery may not be one you necessarily want, although we all tend to love cookies. The term actually refers to the use of the same identical techniques or procedures, in the treatment of all patients. A skilled plastic surgeon such as one practicing in plastic surgery Perth being a location where several are located, will be able to offer guidance as to what procedures are ideal for your needs, and designed to suit your type of body. If for any reason you are not confident, that your surgeon is treating you on an individual basis, then it is recommended that you search for a new surgeon. Another term is back-alley plastic surgery, which is also one you may want to avoid, although it may sound good.


This is actually referring to an increasing trend where under-trained or unlicensed persons offer their services, to perform plastic surgery procedures at lower costs. In the world of cosmetic surgery, this is considered to be a scary development, as persons who  try the services of these persons, usually end up being physically harmed or worse. You should never compromise your health, just because lower prices are being offered. Yet another set of terms are invasive or non-invasive.


While searching the Internet or written publications about the methods associated with plastic surgery, two of the words you may come across are invasive or non-invasive. Minor and major surgeries requiring the administering of general anesthesia,  are usually involved with the former. Such examples include breast augmentation, face lifts and liposuction. The latter is normally performed on OPD, which does not require longer recovery time. The hindrance with this is that the results are not long-lasting. Examples include micro dermabrasion, chemical peels and Botox injections.


Another of the more common words used in the field of plastic surgery is medispa. There are contrasting opinions as to whether medispa is good or bad. There are some facilities that provide both spa treatments and non-invasive treatments, therefore referred to as a medispa, but in recent years there have been reports that untrained personnel are hired to give cosmetic medicines. It is therefore important that a plastic surgeon that is board-certified is sourced, to provide supervision of the entire facility.


The last set of words would be those that end in the suffix “plasty”, such as lipoplasty or abdominoplasty. These two however are not new terms, but rather are clinical terms for the more popular words: liposuction and “tummy tuck” respectively. Procedures that have a more colloquial synonym are usually described by words ending in “plasty”.


There are additional terms that you will need to understand and become familiar with, but initially those discussed here are enough for you to begin with.



Kids Karate Perth – The Karate Kids

In the film The Karate Kids, was it Karate or T’ai Chi that was the showcase of the martial arts? Irrespective, does it really matter. None of the true martial arts exponents will promote bad as portrayed by the “baddies” in the movie.

The Global Shotokan Karate of Australia feel that parents should look for a school that sticks to the main principles of martial arts. If you are thinking about martial arts for your kids, check out kids karate perth that has numerous great teachers. Below is a brief guide comparing karate with out forms of martial arts, hope it will help you to choose a suitable class for your youngster.

Karate (Japanese)
Karate students learn how to punch and kick. Karate involves sharp quick actions that are strenuous on the joints. Children who take part in a karate class must warm-up their joints beforehand. Karate as with other martial arts, it teaches youngsters respect and self-control.

Tae Kwon Do (Korean)
A kind of karate that is used as a martial art. It involves punching and kicking movements which energize the body and the meditation techniques and breathing exercises help the young to focus.

T’ai Chi (Chinese)
T’ai Chi focuses on weight-bearing, stretching and balance. This form of exercise is easy on the joints, it improves concentration and boosts flexibility.

Kung Fu (Chinese)
This is a rigorous and fast-paced form of karate that is easy on the joints. This type of karate offers an ideal aerobic workout.

Aikido (Japanese)
Aikido is much like jujitsu but the gentler sport is not competitive. Aikido teaches children how to work as a pair.

Judo (Japanese)
Judo is a competitive sport. The children learn how to throw their partners using leverage and balance.

Jujitsu (Japanese)
Jujitsu teaches kids how to work with a partner. This form of self-defense is competitive and students learn how to use their opponents strength and weight to their advantage.

If you are considering martial arts for your kids, check out Karate Clubs in Perth, it has four dojo in Perth located in Doubleview, Cannington, Kingsley and Swan Valley.